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About Jen

Currently not accepting New Patients-

Jen has been practicing massage therapy for 22 years since graduating from the Okanagan Valley Collage of Massage in 2000.  Massage therapy was an interest of Jen's long before attending OVCMT as she received treatments as a young athlete and through many years of sports and a busy lifestyle since then.  Jen has built a practice based on the importance of quality of life and getting people back out doing what they love to do....whatever it may be!   She has a specifc interest in athletic sports massage and also addressing postural dysfunctions leading to muscle tension.

Jen's 2 very active boys have recently sparked an interest in Massage Therapy for kids.  There are many benefits to treating children; for instance anxiety and growing pains are very common.

Jen lives in Vernon with her family and is sure to be found outdoors enjoying all that the Okanagan has to offer in every season!

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